Nursery Extras That Lend a Helping Hand

Setting up Jack and Delaney’s nurseries was one of my favorite “getting ready for baby” activities. Picking out paint colors, choosing furniture and decorating with adorable accents let me create a unique space for each of them – although now…

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Orthodontic Nipples: the Best of the Bunch

In my earlier blog post “The Importance of Nipple Shape,” I talked about the benefits of choosing bottles and pacifiers with orthodontic nipples. I want to take it one step further and give you my three reasons why choosing orthodontic…

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A House Divided: The Thumb Wars

I am pro-pacifier. And while I respect all pacifier beliefs, I have some science to back up my stance.  Babies have a natural instinct to suck. Of course this impulse is needed so they can begin eating shortly after birth….

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The Importance of Nipple Shape

I’m not talking about pre-vs.-post baby body.  I’m talking nipples on bottles and pacifiers. Have you noticed that there isn’t just one shape out there? Take a look at the bottles and pacifiers you have right now. What does the…

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